By URBAN-15 (other events)

3 Dates Through Nov 06, 2016

Making its debut at URBAN-15 during the first weekend of November, Invocation is a new performance art piece by San Antonio artists Erik Bosse (writer, film-maker, and sound artist) and Laurie Dietrich (writer, photographer, and performance artist).

An experiment in enhanced storytelling, INVOCATION consists of a pool of short (2-3 minute) stories, paired with photographs and soundscapes. At each performance, a few of those stories will be selected, in random order, to be shared. As projected images appear and disappear and the soundscape builds—evolving, generative—a story emerges. Your story might be the same as that of the artists or the person sitting next to you, but probably not. Invoking the muses to give shape to these seemingly disparate text selections, images, and sound elements means invoking as many different stories as there are people in the room.

This event is part of URBAN-15’s Sonic Provocation series, an experimental project whose aim is to provide a setting for sound artists to showcase original material, taking it out of the laboratory and into the ears of the public. Sonic Provocation offers artists the creative freedom to present their work beyond the constraints of audience expectation—and in turn offers audiences the opportunity to experience something acoustically different and unique.